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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Afro-Latinos: The Untaught Story" is a documentary television series independently produced by Creador Pictures, LLC. The film will be a seven part series covering segments such as: history, language, religion, food, identity, art, music and social issues.

Who are Afro-Latinos?
Afro-Latinos are the descendents of the enslaved Africans who were forcibly taken from their land and
dispersed throughout Latin America.

There are an estimated 200 million Afro-descendants throughout Latin America; yet the majority, have no
political or economic power. Afro-Latinos: The Untaught Story will take you on a journey to meet AfroLatinos throughout Spanish and Portuguese speaking nations of Central and South America and the
Caribbean.  It is the story of a shared history not found in textbooks. This film gives a voice to communities
who have been invisible until now.

Be the first to view the official website for Afro-Latino's: La Historia Que Nunca Nos Contaron. This site is
the one stop shop for all information on Afro Latinos in the Caribbean, Central and South America.
Viewers will be able to live the producer's journeys through pictures and videos. There you can learn more
about the history that was never taught and the people who live in these Afro-Latino communities.
Visit www.Afrolatinos.tv to download free screensavers with images shot during filming. Check out the
trailer on the main page for an inside look at the television series.

Visitors will also be able to download radio shows containing Afro-Latino tunes, Latin Reggae and African beats that have inspired Latin music. There are links to organizations for each country that inform communities where to go if they are discriminated against, as well as resources to encourage viewers to continue to investigate history and a collection of books the crew picked up during their travels.

Learn more:

Afrolatinos TV
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