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Monday, August 8, 2011

Updated 8/10/2011 Memorial for James Craig Anderson was held at First Hyde Park M.B. Church in Jackson Mississippi on July 2nd.

(In response to the news of the killing of James Craig Anderson posted on CNN today.  Click here to see article.)

To the family of James Craig Anderson:  We express our deepest heartfelt sympathy to you in the loss of Brother James Craig Anderson.  You are in our prayers and petition our Heavenly Father to bless you in this time of grief.  We pray that you will feel the love and closeness of family and friends and community.  

We are prayerful that your family will be kept safe and that everyone responsible for this terrible criminal act will come to be brought to justice.  All that we do to educate and strengthen from this day on at Over Troubled Water will be done in the memory of the life James Craig Anderson and all of the countless and nameless fallen victims of hatred and racism.  

We pledge to continue the dialog surrounding 2011 being the United Nation's International Year of People of African Descent, and we will continue to identify the things we can do to discourage racism and hatred in all forms but with an even stronger zeal than we have previously demonstrated.

To learn more:

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What James Craig Anderson's Killing Means to America

Bond Set For Teen Involved in Fatal Hit and Run

DA Seeks To Revoke Teen's Bond

Pastors Says Dedmon Launched 'Campaign of Harassment'

Video:  Mississippi Hate Crime Caught On Video

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