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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cover of "The Help"Cover of The HelpThis morning, while listening to the WAPT.com Wednesday Morning Webcast, I discovered that  it was reported on Feb 2011 that maid, Ablene Cooper, is suing Kathryn Stockett because the likeness of Aibileen in her novel, "The Help."  Ms. Cooper, who works as a maid for the brother of Stockett is shocked and humiliated at the stereotypes surrounding her likeness and that her name would be used.

Her employers, Robert and Carol Stockett agree and are upset as well.  In the book, Aibileen compares her skin color to a cockroach.  The following details are too close in comparison according to Ms. Cooper:

  • The names, Aibileen and Ablene
  •  Both maids have a gold tooth
  • Both maids lost their sons to cancer
It has been reported the Ablene Cooper babysat for Kathryn Stockett's children before, but Stockett claims that she does not know her.  She says she has only spoken to her for 15 or 20 seconds in saying hellos.  See 'The Help' Lawsuit Hearings to be Held Days after Movie's Release.
"The lawsuit, which was filed in Mississippi state court in Hinds County, asks for $75,000 with no punitive damages or other fees."Ablene will probably be the last one to get a nickel out of it," Stockett Jr. said. "You can't buy that much for $75,000." The author's father puts little stock in the suit. See Black Maid Sues Says "The Help' is Humiliating

See:  A Critical Review of the Novel, "The Help."

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